Front End Developer

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Front End Development

Working with HTML5, Sass/CSS, and Javascript, I can design and develop the user facing side of cutting edge web applications.

Clean code

Perfectionist when it comes to code syntax and style. I always add tons of comments. Just say no to spaghetti code and unused classes.

UI Design

Using the latest tools to design and develop intuitive user interfaces to create swoon worth user experiences.

Agile Methodologies

Experience working as part of a distributed team and fulfilling weekly development requirements.

Great Support

Firm believer in supporting the product through the development life cycle. Always available to squash bugs.

Always Learning

Constantly staying up to date on the latest coding standards and learning new skills. Currently, experimenting with React.



Nathan Shumate

I am a developer, consultant, and artist based in Conway, Arkansas. I am constantly reading, writing, and experimenting with the newest web standards. I have had the opportunity to wear many hats during my career. For example, I have done everything from client proposals and presentations, designing/developing intuitive user interfaces, building complex database schemas, managing servers, to installing blades into a server rack. Recently, I have been spending time volunteering in Europe and South East Asia. I am currently interested in full time employment with a great team, collaboration on open source projects, and freelance opportunities. If you are looking for some help on the front end of your application or site, please contact me by filling out the form below.